Metro 6.5BG

The incredible BG (Bass&Guitar) version is slightly deeper and internally dampened. Its single sound port in the back panel, covered with a thick layer of felt, acts as a pressure valve, providing acoustic suspension for a deeper bass response. It ranges from from the lowest double bass/bass guitar notes to 4 kHz, hence perfect for guitar, too.

The BG+ version comes with optional wire legs for playing in vertical position, appreciated by e.g. double-bass players.


250 mm (D) x 220 mm (W) x 205 mm (H, w/o leg)
2.0 kg / 4.4 lbs

SICA 6L 1.5 SL 6.5", 8 ohm, 130 W max.

Frequency response: 60-4,000 Hz


  • Bespoke metal grill
  • Stylish Cliff handle w/ chromed end caps
  • Removable leg of 4 mm stainless steel wire
  • Dock with hook-and-loop fasteners for micro-amp
  • Two 1/4" mono jacks, parallel wiring
  • 250 mm (10") connecting cable with flathead plugs
  • Dummy plug for silencing idle jack
  • BG+ : three removable 3 mm steel wire legs for vertical position

Black w/ black rims, Pear-stained wood
Please ask for color options in stock

Metro 6.5BG

Metro 6.5BG