Jaén Odeon-F

Endlich wieder ein Modell mit den genialen, seitlich angeordneten Klanglöchern.   

This is an archtop guitar that is mid way between acoustic and electric. It has a very light construction with top and back plates carved very thin and responsive. The design of the tailpiece establishes an angle above the bridge flat enough so that the pressure exerted by the bridge on the top will not be excessive given the light construction. However, I decided to install a full-size pickup, first because they are usually better and second to allow more freedom of choice to the player, who can change it quite easily. I made a special pickup for this guitar, a version of my SSH line of floating humbuckers made of ebony, but the bigger size gives me more freedom in the design. It is a humbucker with a single row of polepieces, a design particularly good for jazz guitars, clear and transparent but warm and as a friend guitar maker said to me, "with some interesting swirl; the overtone content shifts as the notes decay". 

Model Odeon "F" (16") without cutaway
Top Wood  European Spruce
Back/Sides Wood European Curly Maple
Depth at Sides 3 3/8" (86mm)
Body binding Multiply, plastic (cream, black and white)

Instead of f-holes, this guitar has two openings. I have done this for 15-inch guitars, and it is the first time that I do it for a 16-inch guitar. I use a "sandwich" construction at these openings: external wood (sides) + Nomex honeycomb +  internal wooden lamination. This construction strengthens the sides there.


Construction Six Strings, 14 frets out of body, volute at end
Wood           European Maple with a Jatoba core. The core has a separate
piece for the peghead, but the other laminations are
one-piece. This makes it very strong, but it doesn't have 
a visible joint because jatoba is a dark wood.
Fretboard Wood  Ebony 
Peghead Face Ebony
Inlays  Similar to Super 400, Mother of Pearl.
Scale Length  25" (635 mm)
Nut Width 43 mm (1 11/16")
Fretboard Curvature Radius 300 mm (12”)
Number of frets  20
Fretwire Jescar 47104S Stainless Steel
Bindings   All around, plastic (cream, black and white)
Number of Magnetic pickups 1
Type  Jaen SSE2176 humbucker
Controls   1 Volume + 1 Tone pots below pickguard
Metal Parts Finish  Gold
Machines   Schaller M6-135 with Ebony buttons
Bridge  Ebony foot and saddle
Tailpiece Ebony, grounded 
Pickguard  Ebony
Pickup Ring  Ebony, with tab to hold pickguard
Finish  Honey Amber, nitrocellulose (Votteler)
Case  Hiscox Pro II GAD
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