Jaén Jamaica DT

Sicher, das ist eine Gitarre die gemäß meiner eigenen Nomenklatur eine "Thinline Archtop" ist. Da sie aber den anderen "Big Archtops" klanglich in nichts nachsteht, gehört sie auch in diese Kategorie.

15" Leichtgewicht mit 2120 Gramm. Die Vielspieler wird es freuen. Ein kleine Gitarre mit großem Klang. Ein wunderbares Beispiel dafür dass Grösse und Gewicht nicht ein "Muss" sind für guten Klang.

Formal die "klassische" Schwester der Berlin

Video: Yul Ballesteros ·Solo· Cantaloupe Island / Chameleon auf "seiner" Jamaica


Jamaica DT verkauft/sold
VK/RP - Lower price* EURO 3.980,00
For commercial EU- or all NON-EU Residents** EURO 3.344,53
*Aus der Ausstellung - kleine Spielspuren  **National taxes and fees has to be payed by the customer
Top Wood Solid carved European Spruce, with a Nomex honeycomb core and Finnish Birch Aircraft Plywood inside
Back Wood Solid carved European Curly Maple
Sides Solid Bent European Maple
Total depth 63 mm (at sides)
Body binding Wood (Granadillo Rosewood)
Wood Curly Maple
Fretboard Ebony, 16 frets out, 12-inch curvature radius
Peghead Face Ebony
Scale Length 25.5″
Nut Width 43 mm
Frets 22, EVO Gold (FW55090-EVO), hemispherical ends
Geänderter Pickup 1 Jaén (Floating Humbucker, Frame: Cocobolo
Controls Volume and Tone on tailpiece
Machines Schaller M6 -135 with Ebony buttons
Bridge Ebony
Tailpiece Ebony, grounded
Pickup Ring Ebony
Finish "Old Violin”, Nitrocellulose
Case Custom

Jaén Jamaica DT

Jaén Jamaica DT
Jaén Jamaica DT
Jaén Jamaica DT
Jaén Jamaica DT
Jaén Jamaica DT
Jaén Jamaica DT
Jaén Jamaica DT
Jaén Jamaica DT
Jaén Jamaica DT
Jaén Jamaica DT
Jaén Jamaica DT

Fernando Alonzo Jaén:

"The double top is the most distinctive feature that makes it stand out from my Jamaica model, hence the “DT” in its name (find more about this at the Berlin model description).  The back is conventional, although this is subject to customization as all my guitars are individually crafted. There are other aspects that make it more conventional than the Berlin model, and that’s why it has an elevated fingerboard on a neck with a heel. For the electric part I used one of my own pickups, the KCC910 model, a single coil pickup that attaches to the end of the neck. Thus, this guitar has no pickguard, which is something that some players will value. Obviously, this can be changed for custom orders. 

As in the Berlin model, the tailpiece has the volume and tone controls integrated. And, as all my guitars with magnetic pickups, this one has its strings reliably connected to ground. Its frets are Gold EVO, a very hard and nickel free alloy. The ends are hemispherical; when I started making them like that I didn’t find any definite advantage, especially given the time that it takes to shape them! However, after playing them for some time I realized that the frets are sensed more positively so that the player will judge better where he is when playing without looking at the fretboard.

The guitar in the photos is sparing in details, with a violin finish. There is something in its austerity that makes it very attractive, but it’s up to the client to customize it. The spectacular tone either acoustic or amplified, the exquisite adjustments and the more than reasonable price are standard from the simplest to the most refined of my instruments."