Schertler CHARLIE

Schertler's CHARLIE is an exciting new compact electric amplifier that has been specifically developed for use with jazz guitar. The single channel, 280W amp is designed to enhance the delicate low-mid range of the instrument, which often features more prominently in a conventional jazz line-up.

When played though a standard guitar amp, those particular frequencies on the instrument can appear “muddy” with compressed harmonics. In contrast, CHARLIE is designed to offer maximum intelligibility in that range.

Equipped with a Class A preamp, an uncompromising speaker/power amp combination and traditional spring reverb, CHARLIE delivers a warm, clear sound that gives the jazz guitar its true voice in any ensemble.

Weight 24 Kg
Dimensions 53x25x41.5cm
Frequency Response 40 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-3dB)
Speakers 1” dome tweeter, 10” woofer
Construction Birch Plywood
Channels 1 channel
Inputs Jack 6.3mm unbalanced
Outputs FX Send: 6.3mm Jack Connector
DI OUT: XLR Balanced
RETURN: 6.3mm Jack Connector
Phantom Power 10V
Effect Spring Reverb
Preamp Class-A no integrated circuits
Power 280W Bi-amplified
VK/RP  EURO 1.798,00
Lieferzeit ca. 5 Tage
For commercial EU- or NON-EU Residents* EURO 1.511,00
*National taxes has to be payed by the customer