Henriksen The BUD SIX - 6,5" Dual Channel

The Bud Just Lost 5 lbs!

The new Bud SIX, now at just over 13 lbs, The Bud is the without question the smallest, TRULY GIGABLE guitar amplifier on the market with unmatched tone quality!  At 9x9x9 inches and 120 watts, you won’t believe the volume and tone coming from either your electric or acoustic guitar, or any stringed instrument with a pickup for that matter, and with a feature set that allows you the versatility to cover almost any kind of gig, this is a MUST HAVE piece of gear for the working musician.

Do you want to have an amplifier the size of a toaster that gives you the quality of tone for BOTH electric and acoustic instruments that you’d expect from a studio situation with enough volume to cover almost any gig?  Of course you do.  That’s why if you play guitar, or any stringed instrument with a pickup for that matter, you need a Bud.  The Bud has every feature you need and more than enough volume to get your bandmates or club manager to ask you to turn down, and coupled with the extension cabinet you can keep up with the heaviest-handed drummer with no problem.  The amp and cabinet are naturally feedback resistant which limits the need for artificial notch filtering and other suppression technologies that negatively effect your tone.

But it’s not all about size and volume, there are lots of tiny, loud amplifiers on the market.  You’ve tried them. You know what they sound like.  The Bud is different.  Henriksen Amplifiers is all about tone first, the incredibly portable size and feature set of The Bud were developed around the sound, not the other way around and you can definitely hear the difference.  Our pre-amp, from input to output, is designed using the highest grade audio components. We offer a 5-band EQ with carefully chosen center frequencies which were fine-tuned by ear to meet the demands of different playing environments using the widest possible array of musical instruments.  We give you two identical pre-amps, each with independent EQ and reverb and actual 48 volt phantom power, and an auxiliary input on each channel so that whatever you are using it for can be EQ’d separately from your instrument signal.

Tech specs

  • 120 watts
  • 13 lbs / 5,9kg
  • 9″x9″x9″ / 22x22x22cm
  • Ext. Speaker out
  • Headphone Jack
  • Dual channel, independent EQ and reverb with phantom powered XLR/1/4″ combo inputs
  • Studio quality line out (post EQ and reverb, both channels)
  • 1/8 Aux. input
  • Bluetooth Aux input
  • OEM 6.5″ Eminence Beta speaker with special fluid-cooled, high-yield neodymium tweeter
  • Including Gigbag (Achtung: Andere Anbieter verkaufen den Bud ohne Gigbag - deshalb sind sie billiger) - Watch out: Other dealers sell the Bud without the gigbag - that's the reason they are cheaper

VK/RP: hier/here

Anspielbar und käuflich bei:

Striebel Gitarrenbau
Weidacher Hauptstr. 1c
82515 Wolfratshausen

tel: 0049-8171-345 98 6
mail: joe@striebelguitars.com


Torsten Preuß
Plauenschestr. 12
08258 Markneukirchen
Tel.: 037422/399870
Mail: torsten@preussguitars.de

Henriksen The BUD SIX

Henriksen The Bud Six
Henriksen The Bud Six
Henriksen The Bud Six
Henriksen The Bud Six

Der Bud mit verschiedenen Gitarren und Mikros

The Bud with several different guitars, styles and tunings by Sean McGowan
"All you need to get the job done…"

Multiple Instruments
Perry Smith and John Storie of The New West Guitar Group demonstrating the use of The Bud in a duet scenario.

All You Need for The Gig
Martin Taylor demonstrating all you need is a guitar, mic and The Bud to do your singer songwriter gigs with acoustic guitar

Acoustic and electric through the same amp? How does it take pedals?
Nick Amodeo showing off a Tele with a Full-Drive and a Martin D28 played through the same Bud.

Nylon String
Bill Kopper doing a quick demo of how The Bud handles a nylon string guitar.

The Bud for Blues with overdrive and distortion
Michel Runge at Liberty Music

Wieso hat der kleine BUD so einen Wumms?

Die Lösung wird deutlich beim Vergleich der Magnetdurchmesser der verschiedenen Eminence Beta Lautsprecher. Der Magnet des Beta 6 ist genauso gross wie die Magnete von Beta 10 und Beta 12!


„God bless the child“ played on a 2013th Gibson Wes Montgomery, Sennheiser e965 and all through a Henriksen 'The Bud' Amp by Jochen Gümbel 


Henriksen The Bud by Peter Schilmöller
Veröffentlicht am 23.08.2016
Demo of The Bud, a compact solid-state combo from Henriksen (www.henriksenamplifiers.com). The Bud has two independent channels and can be used as an amplifier for archtop jazz guitar, acoustic guitar and/or voice. For the upcoming issue of German guitar magazine "grand gtrs" (www.grandguitars.de) I reviewed the whole Henriksen amp family (JazzAmp 310, JazzAmp 312 and The Bud). All Henriksen amplifiers sound great, but in my opinion The Bud is the most surprising model. Such a huge sound coming from such a small box! Besides that, The Bud is the most versatile amp from Henriksen.
The recordings of this video were made with two Shure KSM-27 microphones in front of the amplifier.
Guitars, bass and drum programming: Peter Schilmöller (www.peterschilmoller.com) 

Die Amps wurden zur Verfügung gestellt von Liberty Music



Hallo Herr Weinbach, der kleine Bud ist heute angekommen. Ich musste ihn natürlich direkt ausprobieren und was soll ich sagen - ich bin begeistert. Wie kann denn aus so einem winzigen Würfel ein so voluminöser und zugleich differenzierter Sound entstehen?  Einfach klasse!
Nochmals Danke für den reibungslosen und schnellen Ablauf.

19.08.2017 - Hallo Herr Weinbach, Der Bud ist heute mittag wohlbehalten angekommen. Ich bin begeistert. Herzliche Grüße R.

06.02.2016 - der kleine Bud ist sowas von oho! Peter R.  

Hallo Ernst,nach ausgiebigen Tests des Bud bin ich nach wie vor restlos begeistert! Sowohl mit meiner Striebel Archtop, einer Nylon Archtop als auch einer Semi-Hollow D’Angelico ist der Klang eine Wucht. Sehr warm und trotzdem präsent. Der Reverb ist im Vergleich zum Jazzamp 112 deutlich harmonischer und angenehmer geworden und hilfreich ist auch der Input-Gain-Regler, den es im 112 noch nicht gab. Ich habe den Bud sogar in einer Jazzband mit Sax, Drums und Bass auf einer Probe gespielt und dabei nicht ausgereizt. In zwei Wochen kommt der Livetest bei einem Gig in einem kleinen Saal und ich bin schon gespannt, ob ich eine Zusatzbox oder Abnahme benötige - ich glaube, eher nicht :-) 
Vielen Dank auch nochmal für die problemlose und freundliche Abwicklung.
Beste Grüße aus dem Bergischen Land - Axel

Hallo Ernst, der Bud ist am Freitagabend angekommen. Ich habe ihn am Samstag (Combo) und am Sonntag (Bigband) bereits im Einsatz gehabt. Der Amp hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen, sehr voll im Klang, variabel und durchaus laut. Vielen Dank,
Gruß Norbert

Hi Ernst,
Yes, my little BUDDY arrived today, so I just played it and indeed, as expected from the Henriksen guy: a very compact and clear jazz-tone with my archtop, a blonde GRECO ’91 with Johnny Smith floater. Of course I also just tried my nylon guitar to test the acoustic channel: very acceptable: a good mix of acoustic plus a jazzy edge for playing jazz-ballads.

On both guitars: a tone with a solid/stable jazzy body, plus a kind of natural „reverb”, so : a keeper!
I will enjoy this amp! It would be fine if Henriksen develops a slid bag for this amp. I’m gonna vit their site teo look if he has it. If not : do you know if there are bags from other brands for this amp-measure? 
Best regards and thanks for your service!